School Funding Formula for Monmouthshire

"A local authority much have regard to the desirability of such a formula being simple, objective, measurable, predictable in effect and clearly expressed" (The School Funding (Wales) Regulations 2010, Section 10 paragraph 2)

Did the authority provide a written explanation of the Monmouthshire funding formula? No. However they did provide spreadsheets with a clear outline of each school's funding allocation.

Is the formula measurable? Is it predictable? For pupil numbers it is certainly measurable and predictable. However there was no explanation for how calculations were made for premises and other factors.

"The regulations require that 70 per cent of the funding must be distributed on the basis of pupil numbers. (School Funding in Wales Research Briefing August 2018)

Is 70% of school funding based on pupil numbers? Yes. Although Monmouthshire's documents do not make this explicit, a simple calcuation shows that 70% of any school's funding is allocated according to pupil numbers. It is also clear that Monmouthshire is ensuring "the same funding for pupils of the same age irrespective of the nature of the school which they attend" (The School Funding (Wales) Regulations 2010, Section 23 paragraph 1b).

References: Data Sources for Monmouthshire